Coastal design is a trend that never really goes out!

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The   4th of July  is here and we are celebrating by offering specials on our favorite coastal products, so you can get the right look for your summer celebration! Coastal design is a trend that never really goes out, but just continues to evolve. The over all look is exactly how it sounds, fresh and calming, simulating a beachey feel, hence the term "coastal". A lot of time Coastal style design is desired in summer homes or houses, in warm climates , near the ocean or a lake. To make sure your design is on point, follow these pointers and check out our tile picks!

1. Color Pallet Keep your color tones light airy, and natural with whites, grays, tan, blue, and yellow. Each color resembling the essence of summer!

2. Texturize Get that sizzling summer look by adding in a lot of texture. Heavy linens and drapery that resembles outdoor materials inside, bring you closer to that beachey feel.

3. Co-style You can cater coastal to any make of home, rather its Mediterranean, tradition, farmhouse or modern! Keep to colors and texture in play, just modify your shapes and accessory to fit your desired pairing style.

Here's some tile selections to set the mood for any type of coastal home:

Mediteranean Coastal
Style: Mediterranean Products in this picture:
  • Dragon scales
  • Lucente Subway
  • Soft Rovere
  • Natural Clay
Contemporary Coastal
Products in this picture:
  • Morning Fog Ceramic Mosaic Ogee
  • Growing Ocean
  • Galaxy Porcelain
Traditional Coastal
Products in this picture:
  • Crema Marfil Scales
  • Calacatta Gold 1X2 Herringbone
  • Almond Inverted Bevel Subway
  • Eurpopean Wood Look
 Farmhouse Coastal
Products in this picture:
  • Enchant
  • Carrara Arabesque Honed
  • Natural Porcelain Grey

Come see these looks at our showroom along with many others. You can schedule a consultation with our interior designer to get the best coastal look for your home.

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