Fall into Farmhouse

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Farmhouse design has been trending for a period of time. Everyone has their own take on it from coast, to industrial, or modern. But what does just farmhouse design look like? Farmhouse design is based of old traditional farmhouses just as it sounds. Farmhouses typically used natural materials, neutral color pallets, and an array of furniture. Textures were heavy and distressed from the high usage and rough natural environment. material were natural and often created from material surrounding the area. Furniture was mismatched and collected over time and for its durability. Most of the design elements were created for practical purposes. Now days, we still follow those main styles for design. To highlight those elements, when using tile in the space, often wood look warm neutral and heavily textured material are used such as our Barrel wood look porcelain. Also, the other neutral elements that are incorporated are white subway, keeping that classic look. You can get the perfect subway with our traditions collection. Textured stone adds a great element to include another natural material in neutral, while including heavy textures, such as our Candid Heather Hexagon. Grey is another common element included sometimes in a bit more decorative tile to add an interesting accent. One last element that can make a nice touch to farmhouse looks, is encaustic look tile. The traditional patterned tile has been used for centuries, and the rustic edge added to the tile makes a perfect finishing element to your farmhouse style.




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