Farmhouse style design originated from rural homes out in the country side

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Farmhouse style design originated from rural homes out in the country side. The style included the traditional charm, with a cozy rustic twist. Now days, people are looking to get that cozy clean farmhouse feel everywhere from the country, to the city! People have also started putting a modern twist on the look to bring the old style, into new trends. There are many aspects to the style that you can use to make any space feel like a farmhouse, and we want to give you some tips on how tile can bring that farmhouse style to your design!
1. Neutrals
Farmhouse design entails and clean warm feeling brought on by a neutral or light tones in colors. When looking for tile for your farmhouse design, tryout this color plate:
  • White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Dusty Blue
  • Mint green
  • Light yellow
2. Textures
Since it originated in the countryside, most finishes in farmhouse styles were rustic and heavy textured. While selecting your materials, make sure to include those rough and antiqued textured.
3. Looks
To make sure your selecting the right look of tile, you need to make sure your selecting items that resemble material that were used in real farm homes. Those items could be wood look porcelains, brick look subway, and classic shape tiles that have been used for centuries like hexagons or arabesque.
Putting it all together:
Farmhouse Style
To show you an example of how you can out these tips to use while finding your selections, we made up a mood board for you.
Farmhouse ExFloorit Board Inspiration
We used wood look heavy textured and rustic look grey porcelain tile that would be great for the flooring or accent wall, paired with white subway tile with a textured brick look that resembles rustic materials used in real farm homes, and we tied in a blue hex and calacatta arabesque to add in some fun patterns and a dusty pop of cool color.
There are many different tiles that you can use to get the farmhouse look. Check out our Pinterest to see the different items you can use to get the farmhouse look!

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