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Hello and welcome to the Exfloorit blog!

Doing a home remodel is a major investment and a rare opportunity to bring your home design dreams to life. We get that, and we want you to have a remodel that you’re proud to wake up to, for many years to come. Here you will find ideas and inspiration for your home remodeling project, as well as remodeling advice to make your tiling experience as smooth as possible.

Trends in Design

Whether you’re a homeowner or a trade professional, it’s important to be up with the latest trends in design so you know your home remodeling project will be “dressed to impress” and won’t date too quickly. Read up on the pros and cons of certain colors, find design ideas to suit your personality, and find out what’s hot this year.

DIY Remodeling Advice and Tile Basics

These blog posts are perfect for the homeowner who wants to dabble in some DIY tiling or simply “know what’s what” to make sure the job’s done right. Learn about basic tile terminology, become familiar with the most common tile types and designs, and become a self-taught expert on tile installation techniques for a quality result in your home remodeling project that will stand the test of time.

Exfloorit Tiles for Every Style and Setting

Exfloorit takes pride in our quality, up-to-date tiles and wide range of design genres. Turn your home or commercial space into a work of art with Exfloorit tiles to match your style and personality—from the most classic and vintage homes, to urban and industrial aesthetics, we have modern tiles to complete every look.

Contact our professional tiling experts online today for remodeling advice and shop our range of tiles to get started on your next home remodeling project now!


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