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Human beings embody a wide array of personalities, each one unique in their own way. To help define the vast preferences of different people, we have come up with terms to try and define certain traits of human beings. Although we cannot classify one term that fits everyone to a tee, two common terms created to generalize personalities are Introverts and Extroverts. Introverts can be classified as those would prefer to develop their thoughts and feelings by themselves, where as Extroverts prefer to develop their thoughts and feeling with others. Often Introverts thrive through spending alone time, finding solace and comfort with themselves. Extroverts tend to gravitate toward being with another person to find enjoyment and ease. This is a very broad generalization and most people have some cross over between the two, but which way you tend to swing can say a lot about your other preferences. Based on rather or not you would typically be described as an introvert or extrovert can be used as an indicator as towards the type of space you would like to live in and which Interior design trends you would prefer. Generally, most introverts like spaces that reflect how they reveal themselves to others. An ideal space for an introvert would embody terms such as simplistic, balanced, calming, and natural.

Scandinavian Design - A good fit for intoverts

Whereas and extrovert would enjoy a space feeling decorative, elaborate, inviting, and colorful. Following these guidelines, an introvert may lean towards clean design lines and symmetry in layouts and furniture, and would like natural colors such a neutrals and muted tones . Comfort may be added to the space using different textures in rugs, upholstery, and window treatments. The ideal design style could be a Contemporary Scandinavian design embodying simply layouts and cleanliness, sleek surfaces, neutral tones, and a mix of plants, furniture, and accents adding interest to the space.

Extrovert Design Idea

Extroverts would take a different approach preferring more complex architectural layouts, bolder colors and material selections, and like highly ornamental spaces with no shortage of décor. The perfect environment could be an eclectic bohemian style home including bold warm colors and patterns by using wall papers, elaborate rugs and accents, plenty of seating and room for guests in a mix of different style furniture pieces made of mixed materials and intricate designs. The introvert will have a place of relaxation to unwind by themselves, and the extrovert with a vivid space to entertain.

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