Myths about our Favorite Types of Tiles

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With so many different tiles to choose from, it can be easy to cross off certain types due to previous misconceptions. Furthermore, what may be true about a tile could be very different after installation, grouting, and sealant. Let’s clear up some myths about our favorite tiles:

Porcelain Tile is Easy to Crack and Pretty Breakable

A white bathtub on a hexagon mosaic tile floor.

With the idea of porcelain China and porcelain dolls as gentle and fragile, it can be easy to think anything porcelain would be easily breakable. However, porcelain is one of the most durable tiles there is. In fact, it is tougher, more scratch resistant, and resistant to stains than other types of ceramic tiles.

Overall porcelain tile can be used anywhere you want a good-looking surface from kitchens countertops to shower and bathroom walls. Porcelain floor tiles especially work well in high traffic areas for long-term performance.  

Wood-Look Tile Floors Are Cold and Can Be Fake Looking

A lounge and dining area with an Exfloorit wood-look tile floor.

Tile flooring in general tends to have a reputation for being cold. Though tile flooring does hold a moderate temperature, coldness is far from the truth. Wood-look porcelain tile is well suited to radiant subfloor heating. Tiles can be placed directly on top of the different types of subfloor heating creating a warm and inviting floor.

Technology has greatly improved the quality and look of wood-grain tile. Digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing has introduced realistic textures and visuals amongst wood tiles that make it near impossible to tell if it’s wood or tile.

Marble Can’t Get Wet

White polished marble Exfloorit tiles on a bathroom floor.

The argument for marble getting wet goes back and forth; however, it ultimately comes down to installation. When marble is properly sealed, the honed and tumbled stone survives just well in wet areas. It needs to be noted; however, that marble is highly absorbent because it’s a soft stone. So, if you plan on using hair dye or heavy lotions that could splash on to the tile, marble may not be the best choice as it could get stained. It also has low friction, so though the marble may be fine when wet, it can become very slippery for people and pets.

All that being said, it’s very common to find marble sinks and not uncommon to find even marble floored showers. It comes down to your own personal wants and needs.

Choosing a tile floor can be confusing if you’re only considering the material itself without thinking about installation and purpose. Technology and home needs have evolved throughout the years, so old myths are often no longer relevant. The best way to debunk myths is to education yourself about the different types of tiles and speak to a professional today.

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