Scandinavian/ Southwest Style Design

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Scandinavian style design paired with south western accents has been one of the top hits in the latest design trends. This look pairs together the clean and neutral appeal of Scandinavian architecture with funky pattern earth tones reflecting south western design. Scandinavian with southwest flair can be achieved through many different ways and using a mix of material. When it comes to tile, at Exfloorit we have exactly the products you need to get this trendy look. To get the simplistic natural look of Scandinavian design, try one of our porcelain wood looks like the Barrel Collection in Beige. This would be great to pair with a clean white mosaic like our Costa Allegra Rhomboid. To add in a pop of south west pattern, try our a feature of the Remy Remix. For more design tips, feel free to insure with our design specialist, Hanna Callaway.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

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