The Growing Trend in Tile Design: White Tones

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They say not to wear white after Labor Day, but when it comes to tile designs, white tones are ever-growing in popularity. From bathrooms to kitchens, a white design can brighten a room and provide a crisp, classy look. Let’s take a look at some ways white tiles can be designed for any kind of look for your home:

  1. Grout color can define the pattern or hide it

A white tiled bathroom wall with black grout, reflected in the mirror.


Want to make the design pop? A color or dark color grout can bring a warm, summer look to an indoor or outdoor kitchen especially when matched against colorful furniture. However, want to make the tile pattern disappear? Going with an all-white or off-white grout lets the walls fade into the background – perfect for a bathroom!  

  1. Mixing tile shapes and sizes can bring about unique designs

(Photo of white squares/rectangles and bathroom with squares/rectangles different sizes)

A bathroom wall and floor featuring white square and rectangular Exfloorit tiles.

Choosing white tones doesn’t mean you have to choose the same exact pattern for each tile. In fact, mixing up shapes and sizes can creatively give you wonderful designs. Want to create space with a striped pattern? Consider using both squares and rectangular tiles together.

How about choosing shapes and sizes depending upon the items in the room. Perhaps you use squares around the bathroom sink and then rectangle for the shower area? This method can help simplify the endless choice of tile designs!

  1. Going unconventional in placement choice creates classy and fun designs

(Photo of white tile herringbone pattern)

A kitchen backsplash featuring Exfloorit white rectangular herringbone tiling.

Who says that all tiles need to be placed the same way? It’s natural to want to place rectangle tiles on top of each other horizontally, but what about mixing it up? The herringbone pattern allows both horizontal and vertical placements or even zigzag. This gives a more luxurious look than traditional designs.

  1. Going vertical can lift ceiling heights

Worried that your bathroom or porch looks a bit small? Using traditional bricks, but placing them vertically emphasizes length. This can make the room look a little “taller” extending the ceiling height. Enjoy this fun trick!

  1. Keep cool and clean in look and feel


Do you have a home with windows or sliding glass doors? White tiles reflect light and heat from the sun, so they’ll make your house feel cooler in temperature than other colors.

Often, customers worry that white color tiles will be hard to clean given dirt and even dust might be noticeable. However, keep in mind the material itself – tile itself is a hard surface and pretty effortless to clean to begin with! White tiles tend to “look” cleaner as we associate the color with cleanliness in the first place, so white tiles both feel and look cool and clean.

The popularity of using white tones in your decor is rising due to the way it allows creativity based on a classic look. White creates a warm openness with benefits from expanding a room size to keeping it cool. Enjoy designing and browse through our white tones here.

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