Welcome to ExFloorit Showroom - Workshop

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At ExFloorit, our company is based on three main concepts: business, technology, and design. ExFloorit is a tile, stone and mosaic provider, through a design workshop and eCommerce. By operating an efficient business, providing clients the best design outcome, and using advanced technology, we make the experience for the client more successful and enjoyable. Our showroom design conveys our business model through the use of technology to display our products in a unique, functioning, and aesthetically pleasing fashion.

Welcome to ExFloorit Showroom - Workshop

Our existing space for the showroom is long and overall has an open feel. It consists of two long rectangler rooms separated by a center office. The space is simple and industrial in appearance, with a grid ceiling, grey walls, and concrete floors. We want to keep the overall minimalist feel of the design, but display our products in a successful functional manor to make the experience convey our business model.

Our first part of the design centers around designing the flow of the traffic through the space.
Challenges that arise sometimes in other showrooms is having too many display racks obstructing the floor plan, with out a clear means of traffic flow. 

circulate the perimeter

We want to keep the space open, so that the flow of traffic is not obstructed from one room to the next. We did that by designing our product displays to circulate the perimeter of the room and included two large work counters in the center of the front, and back room, for the traffic flow to circulate around. 

Business model

With our business model having a technology base, we are able to keep the design simple by applying QR codes. We found that many tile showrooms are overwhelming with too many products displayed in every inch of the showroom, making it hard for the client to select the right products. 

labeled code

Our products are labeled with a code that connects viewers to the product page, supplying the variants and product details. This allows us to minimize the number of products we display and keep the space open. 

Material simple

We also are able to keep our space uncluttered and open by keeping the material simple. We avoid tiling the entire floor and walls so that our clients focus is not on the existing space, but on the products for their own space. We kept the concrete floors and finished them with polished for a clean contemporary look highlighting our trendy business model. The walls we painted grey as well, except for one feature wall that we designed in a large marble chevron pattern to add a bold and creative statement. statement.

When executing the purpose of each space within the traffic flow, we wanted to make sure our clients really have space to work. Part of our business model concentrates on how we are design oriented, and want to not just sell tile, but help our clients find the right design and product. Our showroom is not just for viewing tile, but also a workshop. We have configured the two center countertops for clients to layout their work and tiles to pair together to visualized their design concepts. We also have the middle office open for designers and architects to work on have the middle office open for designers and architects to work on their projects in privately.

After our space layout, traffic flow, and work model was set up, we wanted to find a way to display our products in a unique and effective way. We want clients to be able to easily select the right products without it being overwhelmed. To do so, we came up with the idea of organizing our products by style. This way, whatever design style clients are looking for is easy to find. We then organized our products by Midcentury modern, contemporary, industrial, farmhouse, traditional, and Mediterranean.

Our front room concept is to display concept boards reiterating the styles we selected. We have designed boards with hand selected materials that convey a design styled by using mosaics and other decorative tiles. We want to keep to our layout of having the product displays circulate the exterior of the room, so we have made a custom display system out of metal that is sleek and matches the simple contemporary aesthetics of the space.
The racks are laid out in a chevron pattern which mimics the chevron feature wall, and allow clients viewing a product board, to concentrate on that board specifically, since the next column is obstructed by the display layout.

The back room is designed to display our field tiles such as porcelains and natural stone.
After clients come up with a concept of the decorative look and feel they wanted in their space, they can then circulate to the back to select their simple pairing tiles for the larger surfaces. In the back, we also want the products to circulate the room, but in a more simplistic manor than the front room. Here, we have put up slat walls and designed hanging boards to which we have selected the most relevant products in each type of field tile categories.

Once we felt our showroom had a functioning flow, was aesthetically pleasing, had a good work space, and that the product display connect to the website, we then designed our showroom web page. This connects our clients to the showroom via our website. The website has made it so not only are our products displayed shoppable online, but so is our showroom experience. By accessing our website, you can not only purchase our products, but get the design selection experience by seeing our design style suggestions and setting up an appointments with seeing our design style suggestions and setting up an appointments with a design assistance.


Overall, we feel our space serves a functional and successful tile design experience. Our customers can easily shop and design with our products through a confortable and contemporary enviorement. The connection of our showroom The connection of our showroom workshop to our website highlights our business model and helps make the process easier for clients.

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