New Bathroom Tiles

A bathroom can be more than just a purely functional space. New tiles can transform any bathroom into an oasis; an inviting space that effortlessly infuses your home’s unique sense of style into even the most nuanced details from floor to ceiling.

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Selecting New Tiles

When you’re looking for new bathroom tiles, consider materials and their versatility. Think about how frequently they’ll be in contact with water, how thoroughly they may be cleaned, and their long-lasting appeal. Natural stones such as granite and marble can make a bathroom distinguished while bold mosaics can add some unexpected elements to a floor or shower.

Combining Tiles

The right tiles can create a dynamic space. In any bathroom, ample space for new tiles gives you a blank canvas on which you can experiment with bold combinations of colors and materials. Alternatively, you can experiment with monochromatic combinations featuring varied shapes.

Explore New Styles & Materials

We feature a range of wholesale bathroom tiles, available at your fingertips whether you’re visiting our showroom or shopping online. For any project, our inventory spans a variety of architectural styles, types, shapes, colors, and materials:

  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Wood-Look
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Ceramic

Whether you enjoy the playful geometry of a mosaic or subdued and minimal rectangular and subway tiles, we have bathroom tiles that can enliven any space. Call +1(714) 758-5040 or contact our tile specialists online if you’re ready to start your next project.