Bedroom Wall & Floor Tiles

Bedrooms are interior environments where people hesitate about using tiles as these spaces are often reserved for softer, more yielding options. However, newer types of tile can create a uniquely inviting ambiance. Some porcelain tiles even emulate a wood look in flooring that adds warmth, dimension, and a unique texture.

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To create a bedroom that conveys refinement and relaxation, wood look tile strikes the perfect balance. Inspired by the rich patina and texture of wood grain, porcelain wood look tile flooring is fantastically versatile and compliments a wide variety of decor styles—a timeless flooring choice that lends itself to traditional and modern projects alike.

Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Creating the bedroom of your dreams begins with the right foundational elements to set the tone for the rest of your space. Porcelain wood look tile flooring in subtle, natural colors is a timeless choice that instantly evokes peace and relaxation. To help you achieve just the right look for your bedroom, our wood look tile options are available in a variety of colors, including:

  • Blanc
  • Taupe
  • Oak
  • Walnut

All of our porcelain wood look styles are durable, low maintenance, and suitable as both wall and floor tiles in a bedroom, making them ideal for a range of design projects.

Experience Exfloorit

We welcome homeowners, designers, and architects to visit our showroom and explore our comprehensive selection of tile designs. Whether you visit our showroom or shop online, you’ll have the support of our expert staff members, as well as a suite of interactive tools that will help you explore tile options, calculate your needs, order samples, and more.

Our design professionals are always available for consultation: please contact us with any questions about our tiles.