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Brick tiles are the perfect choice for a slick, urban design or any contemporary space. It’s a material that calls to mind strength and security, and can be used for a variety of installations, from floors to feature walls, and other high-profile areas. If you are looking to add character and a one-of-a-kind look to your next project, brick mosaic tiles give you a chance to make your mark.

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Popularized by the rise of chic, industrial-style urban interiors, exposed brick is a coveted architectural detail for designers and homeowners alike. With brick mosaic tiles, you can easily get the look and feel of an exposed wall in any space.

Brick tiles provide a strong visual and textural statement. Depending on the space you’re remodeling, we feature light, neutral, and dark brick tiles in a range of materials. Go for a look that’s authentic and references brick’s natural texture with darker subway tiles and mosaics. Or, opt for a luxurious look with brick mosaic tiles in luminous materials like marble and porcelain.

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Brick offers so many possibilities, whether you’re envisioning a living room accent wall, a kitchen backsplash, new flooring, or some unique details in a bathroom.

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